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In October 2001, Pastor Mudao Xiao and a few brothers and sisters who were touched by the Holy Spirit and looked forward to the renewal of the church received the vision of Building the Glorious Church shared by Pastor Tong Liu from River of Life Christian Church in Silicon Valley. They were all deeply moved by Pastor Liu's sharing and were attracted by the vision of Building the Glorious Church. After continuous and fervent prayers, They decided to establish Harvest Church of New York.


New York was right in a hard time after 9/11. The economy was sluggish. People were in panic following the deadly terrorist attack. However, God was still working. People needed faith more than ever, for Jesus told us in John 4:35 "Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest". On October 28, 2001, Harvest Church of New York was established. The first Sunday service was held at the Adria Hotel in Bayside, NY. The opening ceremony was held on April 13th, 2002. In October 2007, its first daughter church, Harvest Church of New Jersey, was planted in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Harvest Church of New York had been meeting at Adria Hotel ever since its inception. In 2013, blessed by God, the church bought a piece of land in Little Neck, NY. It spans across Queens and Nassau, with highways and commercial centers in arm's reach. The nearby growing Chinese community is a potential harvest field for the Gospel of Christ. In 2016, the construction of the worship hall began. The church moved into the new building by Christmas in 2018. There are now more than 600 congregants in total.

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